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"I was very impressed with the Sustainable Masonry Certification Program Every estimator and project manager should take advantage of this program."

Denise DeMuyt, Fetters Construction Inc.

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Interior Thermal Mass
5 Ways That Masonry Improves Healthcare Facilities

July 21, 2015

Healthcare buildings are considered some of the most complex to design and build. Stakeholders of hospitals are faced with strict regulation and the need to provide emergency care and 24-hour operation. Ambulatory care centers and clinics must balance the delivery of specialty services for walk-in/walk-out attention with patient follow-up and convenience. Medical office buildings might have a lower degree of code requirements yet may be faced with higher budgetary constraints. While each building faces specific concerns, common to all these healthcare building types are issues related to infection control, energy savings, operability, flexibility, and patient and staff health and wellbeing.

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