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01.030.0101: Conceptual Wall Section, Brick & Block Cavity Wall


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INFORMATION / DISCLAIMER: It is recommended to use all components of the Masonry Detailing Series (Description, 3D Detail, 2D Detail, Pictures/Figures and References) when using these details. We also encourage users to contact IMI Staff at 1-800-IMI-0988.

These details are intended for the use of industry professionals who are competent to evaluate the significance and limitations of the information provided herein. This publication should not be used as the sole guide for masonry design and construction, and IMI disclaims any and all legal responsibility for the consequences of applying the information.

It is important to note that details and construction practices vary based on geographical requirements and area practice. Masonry walls and elements must be adapted for each specific project. There are many typical details and practices, however, designers and contractors need to coordinate each detail with the unique elements of the building.