01.030.0302: Base of Wall Detail - Flexible Flashing, Drip Edge, Term Bar, MDCD

This masonry base of wall detail shows a flexible thru-wall flashing mechanically fastened to the CMU backup through a termination bar, with a continuous bead of sealant along the top of the term. bar. The exposed portion of the flashing is a sheet metal drip edge secured held in place by mastic or sealant, with a hemmed edge, extending from the face of the masonry about 1/2″. The flashing has an 12-16″ (nominal) vertical leg to bring it higher than the mortar dropping collection device (MDCD). The wall has a 2″ clear air space for drainage, and weep vents are spaced at 24″ o.c. There is an air/moisture/vapor barrier on the cavity side of the CMU, and 2″ rigid insulation resides in the drainage cavity.

Dynamic 3D Detail

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Enjoy this animation showing the order of material assembly for this base of wall detail.