02.410.0132: High Lift Grouting Procedures

This diagram illustrates high lift grouting procedures in the field of the wall. Vertical bars are spaced per structural design and reinforced cells are filled solid with grout. Horizontal bond beams are also spaced per design and can be formed with standard open-cell CMU with cross webs knocked out to accommodate horizontal bar(s) and grout stop material below; or they can be constructed with solid-bottom U-block units notched to accommodate intersecting vertical bars. All cells with vertical reinforcement require 3″ wide min. cleanout openings to validate grout placement. High lift grouting procedures apply to grout placed in pours and lifts exceeding 5′-4″ but not to exceed 12′-8″. Details that show different or modified concepts or methods can be of equal validity and should not be excluded from consideration. This detail shall not be used for construction without the approval an signature of a licensed design professional. The person using this detail shall be responsible for its complete design and proper application.

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