06.080.0243: Interior wall Retrofit | Tile over Existing Gypsum Board on Wood or Steel Studs, Cementitious Bond Coat

This detail illustrates newly installed ceramic, gauged porcelain, stone, or glass tile on exsiting gypsum board backing on existing gypsum board backing on existing steel or wood studs. This is a retrofit application for use on interior walls in dry areas only. The tile is adhered to the existing gypsum backing with a cementitious bond coat of latex-modified thinset mortar. A primer or bonding agent may be required by the mortar manufacturer. For an existing steel stud framed wall to be a candidate for tile retrofit, the studs must be 20 gauge or heavier, a minimum of 3 5/8 inches thick, and spaced at 16 in. on center maximum. Optional profile strips are shown at the outside corner and at vertical expansion joints in the field of the wall spaced at specified intervals. This detail is based on the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) method W243. Details that show different or modified concepts or methods can be of equal validity and should not be excluded from consideration. this detail shall not be used for construction without the approval and signature of a licensed design professional. The person using this detail shall be responsible for its complete design and proper application

Dynamic 3D Detail

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Waiting Room Before & After GPT Retrofit
Waiting room, gypsum board walls without GPT
Waiting room retrofitted with GPT tile over gypsum board