AT&T Research & Development Building South, Middletown, NJ

Four 5-story buildings, each with 250,000 sq. ft. of floor area. The owner, AT&T, put a high priority on early occupancy. In the design phase, non-masonry materials were considered for the exterior “skin,” but the client has always relied on brick to communicate and express the AT&T corporate identity and character. Walls consisted of brick and block veneer tied to steel studs. Standard brick was used, along with a beige/ white groundface concrete masonry unit in stair towers, on bridge supports for walkways, and on the base of the buildings. There was a continuous precast concrete band at the top of each row of windows and a continuous brick soldier course under the windows. There was an accent brick band between floors, and 8x8x16 groundface block with a center score were used inside the building near the elevators and on a few walls.