Bellevue Hospital Forensic Biology Building, New York, NY

As Bellevue Hospital in New York City neared completion of its most recent addition, officials realized they needed to install an exceptional flooring system in the new building. In addition to housing Bellevue’s Forensic Biology Laboratory, the facility would also be home to the Kips Bay Emergency Medical Service Station for Battalion 8 of the New York City Fire Department. The expectation for heavy foot traffic meant the flooring had to be durable. At the same time, the hospital wanted to utilize a material that was both cost effective and attractive.

Palace Theatre and Arts Magnet School

During its prime, Waterbury Connecticut was recognized as the “Brass Capitol of the World.” The “Arts” also had a strong presence, with several theatres located in the downtown area. Unfortunately, when the city experienced a slowdown in manufacturing, it also saw the closing of all the town’s theatres. Like many cities in similar situations, Waterbury has been struggling to draw people back to the downtown area.

Preston Veterans Memorial School, Preston, CT

The Lawrence Associates, Architects/ Planners, P.C., were given the challenge of designing a 58,000 sq.ft. elementary school that would be energy efficient, durable, inexpensive to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, fire safe, acoustically efficient, and most importantly, mold resistant. These requirements all had to be met within a very tight budget. Richard Lawrence, President and Project Architect for the Preston Veterans Memorial School, selected masonry construction for the project. He noted, “Masonry is the only material and type of construction that can provide all the building requirements requested by the owner.”

United Arab Emirates Chancery, Washington, D.C.

Built from over 94,545 square feet of granite, marble and quartzite, the new United Arab Emirates (UAE) Chancery in Washington, DC, stands out as one of our capital’s most extraordinary pieces of architecture. Built to house the offices of the UAE ambassador and diplomatic staff, the chancery exemplifies the use of contemporary design and technique while paying homage to Arab-Islamic heritage and culture.