East Providence Fire Station #3, Providence, RI

Architects are always challenged with providing strong and durable, yet economical buildings. This is especially true when the building being designed represents fire safety for the community. Designing the new East Providence Fire Station was no different. Architects from The Providence Partnership selected brick, stone and cement stucco masonry as the materials of choice for the exterior veneer because of their strength, durability, and reputation as the safest building materials in the industry.

Preston Veterans Memorial School, Preston, CT

The Lawrence Associates, Architects/ Planners, P.C., were given the challenge of designing a 58,000 sq.ft. elementary school that would be energy efficient, durable, inexpensive to maintain, aesthetically pleasing, fire safe, acoustically efficient, and most importantly, mold resistant. These requirements all had to be met within a very tight budget. Richard Lawrence, President and Project Architect for the Preston Veterans Memorial School, selected masonry construction for the project. He noted, “Masonry is the only material and type of construction that can provide all the building requirements requested by the owner.”