East Providence Fire Station #3, Providence, RI

Architects are always challenged with providing strong and durable, yet economical buildings. This is especially true when the building being designed represents fire safety for the community. Designing the new East Providence Fire Station was no different. Architects from The Providence Partnership selected brick, stone and cement stucco masonry as the materials of choice for the exterior veneer because of their strength, durability, and reputation as the safest building materials in the industry.

United Arab Emirates Chancery, Washington, D.C.

Built from over 94,545 square feet of granite, marble and quartzite, the new United Arab Emirates (UAE) Chancery in Washington, DC, stands out as one of our capital’s most extraordinary pieces of architecture. Built to house the offices of the UAE ambassador and diplomatic staff, the chancery exemplifies the use of contemporary design and technique while paying homage to Arab-Islamic heritage and culture.