Wall Wash Lighting on Brick, Block & Tile

When you look at yourself in the mirror, the right light can make a big difference.
The same thing happens to masonry walls—brick, block, stone or tile—when unflattering, wall wash
lighting is mounted directly on it.

Terrazzo and Vapor Barriers

Controlling Moisture is Critical
The evolution of terrazzo from a cementitious system to epoxy brings a new concern: controlling moisture. While the cement system developed centuries ago allowed moisture to naturally migrate from the ground or concrete slab and then escape, epoxy-based terrazzo systems do not breathe. That means that if the concrete slab or space below is not controlled, and moisture rises up, epoxy terrazzo will usually fail.

Tile, Marble & Terrazzo

For performance and life cycle advantages, tile,marble and terrazzo are the most durable and beautiful finishes.