Structural masonry is a proven system that saves time and money — and at the same time, produces stunning results and lasting value. IMI offers a variety of resources on the topic at no cost to designers and builders, including guides, manuals and a series of informative webinars and in-person training.

Hybrid Masonry/Steel Details

Structural Masonry offers an economical structural solution, since it serves as both framing system and exterior envelope. Projects requiring structural steel can reduce costs with a Hybrid Masonry system, where masonry within a steel frame eliminates the need for steel cross bracing and can even provide some load sharing capabilities with the steel frame. Masonry is naturally good in compression, steel in tension so maximizing those complementary natures makes good economic sense. These details can help, and so can we. Call 1-800-IMI-0988.

List of Details

The International Masonry Institute (IMI) is a strategic alliance between the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and the contractors who employ those members. Through education, technical support, research and training the IMI works to provide a more efficient construction delivery system.