Masonry Partition Wall Software Version 2

Our Masonry Partition Wall Software helps you engineer masonry partitions with simple input and results that come from a rigorous engineering analysis.

Tip: “Calculate as you go” Feature

Watch the structural line drawing on the left side of the input page. See the “Good” or “Not Good” sign? The software calculates as data is entered and provides immediate feedback. Inputting the seismic design parameters (located at the bottom of the input page) early in the process further enhances this calculate-as-you-go feature.

New in Version 2:

  • New input sheet with scroll bar and pull downs
  • 2015 IBC option added including new unit strength values for CMU
  • Running Bond and Not Running Bond options
  • Reinforcement/Grout Options up to 120” c/c
  • Calculate-As-You-Go feature with Structural Line Drawings

More Features:

  • Codes Options: IBC 2009, IBC 2012, IBC 2015
  • Allowable Stress Design for Masonry Partitions
  • CMU – Unreinforced or Reinforced
  • Clay Brick – Unreinforced
  • 3 Support conditions – Vertical, Horizontal, Cantilever
  • Loading options – Vertical, Horizontal Uniform, Horizontal Concentrated
  • Seismic – All SDC with input options
  • Option for Risk Category IV
  • Option for Egress Stairways
  • Complete documentation: Background, Reinforced Masonry Example, Unreinforced Masonry Example


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