Structural masonry is a proven system that saves time and money — and at the same time, produces stunning results and lasting value. IMI offers a variety of resources on the topic at no cost to designers and builders, including guides, manuals and a series of informative webinars and in-person training.

Sustainable Masonry

Sustainability is the product of a multi-faceted approach that takes into account a building’s impact on the environment from the standpoint of material and systems selection for construction to the on-going performance of the building throughout its life cycle. It Is for this reason that the best approach to sustainable construction includes the input of the full owner/design/construction team so that project goals can be met by the final building.

Masonry systems provide maximum contribution when they are recognized as a system. The masonry system addresses moisture penetration, air infiltration, thermal performance and life-long resiliency. Therefore, in the case of a masonry solution, we are talking about much more than the installation of a finished material and are instead focused on the delivery of a high performing system that continues to provide payback to the owner in terms of energy and maintenance costs. Masonry systems are the most cost-effective options to arrive at energy-efficient and environmentally health buildings today.

LEED and Masonry

Sustainable buildings begin with early design planning and collaboration. Education and the definition of clear expectations are key to assuring that Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) goals are met by the full design and building team.

Masonry materials and systems have the ability to impact a variety of sustainable concerns such as sustainable sites, energy performance, materials and resources and indoor environmental quality.   IMI’s LEED™ Checklist offers a way to best understand how masonry can assist the goals of meeting a LEED specific intent. The IMI LEED™ checklist is available for both LEED 2009 and LEED Canada NC 2009. For a copy of the LEED™ Checklist, email and specify U.S. or Canada version.

Sustainable Masonry Certification Program supports sustainable performance

IMI’s Sustainable Masonry Certification Program (SMCP) was created to improve the value that a masonry contractor brings as a member of a LEED certified building team. Through SMCP, IMI educates union masonry contractors of all crafts on criteria and requirement for meeting sustainability guidelines and standards, including creating awareness and quality assurance for the contractor’s role in delivering LEED certified buildings. The course addresses subcontractor responsibilities, from estimating and project scope to project management and documentation. It covers the LEED credits every masonry contractor should know, plus green strategies such as site use and construction waste management. Certification requires successful passage of a LEED comprehension test.

IMI’s Sustainable Masonry Certification Program is offered nationwide and educates contractors on practices and processes critical to today’s environmentally conscience projects. SMCP participants learn how to review and fulfill project drawings and specifications related to LEED language. Additionally, SMCP participants understand how to comply with construction site, materials management and air quality requirements and documentation processes. With over 200 masonry contractors certified, SMCP continues to be one of the strongest and most comprehensive contractor training programs for LEED understanding and compliance.

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