Craft training is performed through the International Masonry Training and Education Foundation (IMTEF).

Sustainable Masonry Certification Program (SMCP)

IMI’s Sustainable Masonry Certification Program makes masonry contractors a valuable part of LEED-certified projects. The course addresses subcontractor responsibilities, from estimating and project scope to project management and documentation. It covers the LEED credits every masonry contractor should know, plus green strategies such as site use and construction waste management. Certification requires successful passage of a LEED comprehension test.

Contractor's Knowledge of the LEED guidelines

It is required that the masonry contractor have past LEED project experience and/or industry approved training in LEED principles and project management.

  • Masonry Contractor Qualification Data: Submit qualifications to demonstrate their LEED capabilities and experience.
  • Masonry Installer: Installing contractor shall assign supervision to personnel who have successfully completed the International Masonry Institute (1-800-IMI-0988) Sustainable Masonry Certification Program (SMCP), or approved equal.
  • Masonry contractor will have completed work similar in scope and size to that indicated for this Project with more than 5 years of successful in-service performance. The masonry installer shall maintain a steady work crew consisting of qualified masons who fully understand the LEED requirements of the job.
  • Change of Firm or Personnel: Only the approved masonry installer and supervisors may work on the project. Fourteen calendar days before making any change to the firm or staff, such change, including a statement of qualifications as required above, must be submitted for approval. Failure to comply with this provision will, at the Architect’s discretion, be sufficient cause to reject the work.

The International Masonry Institute (IMI) is a strategic alliance between the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and the contractors who employ those members. Through education, technical support, research and training the IMI works to provide a more efficient construction delivery system.